NutriGlamorous. Become the love of your life!

The book that helps you find your truth, become your authentic, beautiful, life-loving self  and love every cell of who that is!

The self-care hashtag, the green smoothie recipes and the minimalist trends. Did it ever feel like your true path?

This book offers real authentic advice distilled into bite-size breakaways, so you can decide what’s right for YOU.

Create your own solution. There is no right or wrong route, just the one you take to become your most beautiful, authentic self.

Or, what we call becoming (ta-da!) NutriGlamorous.
  • Learn how to shift the way you perceive yourself, and listen with new ears — with love and dignity.
  • ​Reclaim the time and motivation you need to find the footholds in that immovable mountain, and scale to your highest desires with grace and ease.
  • Discover how to feed yourself with the best of nature’s abundance, inside and out, to release your ultimate Glammer and continually thrive off that powerful energy.
  • ​Step into your own style, move away from unhealthy trends and become confident, timeless, and happy with who you are.

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You’re here because you’re being called toward something greater; will you accept the calling? The very best moments are ahead of you, and this book will guide you there.
OK! Ready to become the love of your life?
You’re here because you’re being called toward something greater; will you accept the calling? The very best moments are ahead of you, and this book will guide you there.
OK! Ready to become the love of your life?

What You Will Learn

Your MOST important relationship in life is with yourself.

Are you ready to love every single cell of who that is?

Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have: family, friends, co-workers, not to mention success, money, and adventure.

So, what’s missing? Why do you feel like you’re never enough? Is it possible to have a wonderful home, great kids, a partner who loves you (and you love right back) and a fulfilled career, all without feeling like you need 29 hours every day?

You are a unique person, so how can anyone else show you how to unleash the power that’s within you?

Luckily, this book is gonna help!
  • Uncover the ultimate advice for life’s core areas: eating, moving, loving, breathing, giving and more.
  • ​Discover all the ways you can invite joy into your life
  • ​Forget what you know about ‘diet’ and evolve your thinking towards food
  • ​Discover your favourite path to nourish yourself, guilt-free.
  • ​Silence your inner critic to love yourself and accept others as they are.
You can sit there and keep waiting for the stars to align, or you can start moving your own mountains and loving every part of YOU. 
This book will show you exactly how. Your solution starts on page one… 

Who Should Read This Book

“Love yourself first, and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.” 
 — Lucille Ball
Today, we women are no longer the eye-rolling housewives of Lucille Ball’s era. We are CEO’s. We’re mamas. We’re pioneers, innovators, caregivers, entrepreneurs, powerhouses— we’re also not quite there yet, and… we’re working on it.

It’s tough to love ourselves when we’re spread like mayo across a million obligations.
Exhausted from work, depressed because of world events, fed up with all the “everyone else” and not enough YOU in your life, tired of that little nudge that tells you you’re not doing it right, feeling the clock ticking down…

The truth is, we feel like we are never doing, or being, enough.

Sure, you’ve accomplished so much, in every walk of life, yet there’s one checkbox on the To Do list that stays empty, booted to the next day, then the next… forever uncompleted!

Here’s a secret: there is no box you have to fit into.
  • If you feel a little unhappy, and don’t know why…
  • ​If you can’t get your diet together, or exercise more than once a month
  • ​If you daydream about finding just five more minutes…
  • ​If you feel disconnected, unfulfilled or just ‘cloudy’…
Your mission: to free yourself from existing limitations and negative beliefs to live a NutriGlamorous life bursting with promise and possibility. Without the check boxes. 
Yes, this book was written for you.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It!


Halle has written an incredible book that allowed me to feel like I was sitting across from her in a comfy chair while she coached me on connecting my mind, body, and soul into divine synchronicity. From developing and deepening your love for yourself to making more money and helping others, she covers everything you need to better connect to yourself and others--and all while keeping it light and fun! Grab a copy in the Kindle version and in paperback because you'll want to read it again and again!
Reana G.*

This is a good read for any woman who wants to focus on authenticity and living her best life.
The author casts a broad net over a wide variety of subjects, so if the reader is a student of self-improvement, some of the topics may not be new. I appreciate that the book was organized and written in such a manner that I could move quickly over those sections.
Teresa D.*

Wow, Halle! I couldn't put this book down once I started. It was like I was having a conversation with myself - you were so totally in my head, like you knew exactly what has been going on for me my entire life...overgiving, playing small, putting other people in the limelight...but now I am claiming it all for myself. I was already on a journey of self-discovery, and this has fast-tracked me.
When the student is ready, the teacher will appear! Thank you

I Love This Book! So many books about growing from the inside out are "Ho Hum", and same old same old., But with a title so intriguing, "NutriGlamouous" I had to get it. I was amazed at how many tips were mentioned to easily have FUN in connecting the Mind Body Spirit. Of course with a title like NutriGlamouous, I knew it was probably a Fun book. FUN is #1 in my world :-) What I didn't expect was how easy it was to read....I couldn't put it down!
Halle Eavelyn has written a perfect book for anyone wanting to achieve that "Mind, Body, Sprit" connection.
K.J. Stultz*

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Meet The Author

Halle Eavelyn, best-selling author of Red Goddess Rising and 100 Ways to Be in Joy, brings you NutriGlamorous, the book to guide your path in the pursuit of lifelong happiness and abundance. With first-hand experiences and easy-to-remember coaching tips, plus a little tough love, Halle connects you with the parts of yourself you’ve forgotten how to love. To truly nourish your body and mind, this book will start your journey to become the love of your life
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